Dorge is the professional brand manufacturer of CCTV Cameras, DVRs and other Survellience Solutions. Our objective is to develop an enduring relationship with our customers with a sincere commitment to understand all their needs and offer them excellent service.

Our company manufactures high-tech surveillance and security system using advanced manufacturing technique to guarantee high quality products. Both advanced technology and capability of continuous innovation enabled our company to expand in latest surveillance and security equipments in Bangalore and provides better and safer solutions to every security challenge.

For last 3 years, our organization has been managing and analyzing world's best electronic security system for the betterment of our customers. In competitive business world, we offer reliability, cost effectiveness and true satisfaction. Our organization gives warranty of the quality, reliability and satisfaction. Our core strength lies in providing indispensable solutions in CCTV surveillance Solutions.

We use various testing methods to deliver best quality product to our customers. Our focus is

  • To offer best quality product to customers, using Advanced manufacturing method.
  • To provide Value added service to all our customers.
  • To provide customers Best performance price ratio.


“To be a highly preferred and customer satisfaction driven company with an aim to provide our customers the best services in the industry.”


“To build a strong everlasting relationship with our suppliers, associates and customers.”

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Address: 8/F, Building D, Longjing Industry Park, Hong Kong
Phone: +212 548 367 189

Authorised Dealer in India

Address: G-5, Krishna towers,No.31, Gandhinagar,
                       Bangalore, Karnataka, India - 560009
                       OPP - SN Bazaar and Kamat Yatrinivas - Gandhinagar
Phone: +91 988 691 0278
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